Nina Hillerström

    Seva necklace long silver

    950 SEK


    Handmade necklace in 925 sterling silver. 
    Chain length:  70 cm
    Pendant:  5cm x 1,2cm

    The pendant can easily be removed from the chain, in case you want to use it with other chains.

    The Seva collection symbolize: 
    "Your actions are like arrows of energy. What you send out will come back to you, since we are all one. Share loving energy and be of service - that is all that matters".  
    - Nina

    By purchasing this necklace you support women and children in India!

    With the Seva collection Nina Hillerström support, in co-operation with the Yoga medicine community:
    Made By Survivors and Rescue Foundation‘s new project located 85 kilometers outside Mumbai near a Red Light District. This newly constructed shelter is scheduled to open its doors to survivors of human trafficking in early 2017 and it is expected to house over 100+ women and children survivors.

    We selected this project because Rescue Foundation is in dire need of help. These newly rescued victims will need health check-ups, food, clothing, and most of all – the mental and spiritual rehabilitation for a bright future. This blank slate gives us the chance to help this shelter grow and prosper from the ground up.

    In 2015, the Yoga medicine community raised over $40,000 to support the day-to-day operations of 15 street shelters for children, preventing the trafficking of kids ages 4-15 living in the slums and Red Light Districts of Kolkata. The shelters, supported by The Women’s Interlink Foundation, Made By Survivors and The Village Cooperative provide healthcare, education, nutritional meals, tutoring, job coaching, yoga classes and other recreational activities for over 500 children. Our funds were used towards teachers and supervisors salaries, accounting, programming, transportation, and educational materials.